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Muggy weather in the Library

April 29, 2013


While we know quite a few things here at the library (or, possibly more accurately, now to FIND quite a few things here), the whereabouts of Spring this year certainly remain a mystery to us as well.

Prince wrote a song called “Sometimes it Snows in April”, but we are verging on “It’s Probably Going to Snow in May” territory here. And the prospect of June (rather than May) flowers is not setting afire the hearts and minds of Minnesota Gardeners, either.

As we make the transition from snow-enhanced weather into the blazing prairie inferno that is summertime in Minnesota, the library will go through a temperature transition inside as well. The temperature regulation of the library this time of year is a lot like a child growing through the awkward teen years into adulthood.  Think of the mix of hot/cold in the library for the next few weeks as that adolescent phase of middle school before the full attainment of adulthood (where any residual awkwardness is no longer the fault of teen hormones and acne).

Hopefully summer like (or even spring-like, or even late-winter-like) weather will finally embrace us and will see the comfortable transition for the library’s heating/cooling system sooner rather than later.

For the time being, you have permission to wear shorts in the library (with the other appropriate clothing items).

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