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National Library Week – Supersized?

April 17, 2013

A week just isn’t long enough.

We’re well into National Library Week (April 14-20 if your calendar/daytimer/device doesn’t already have it marked), and while we have a lot going on this week – a Master Gardener program, 20% off all items in the Friends Bookstore, a Rochester Issues Forum on Taxes, Hooray for Saturday! (why isn’t there a Hooray for Saturday for adults – just saying), the real question is why do Libraries have to settle for just a week?

A month would be good, but how can you pick one month?  (Probably not February just because it has the fewest days).

Maybe May – we’ve got so much going on like Rochester Reads is about to start up with a Big Bang,  Author Mary Roach’s “Packing for Mars” is just one highlight of all the outer and inner space activities packed in May.

But there are so many things that you can’t limit to one month.  

Visit the recently re-done Chlidren’s area with cool new play areas and just try not to smile (or try not to play – although if you’re a parent here with your children, feel free to play),

We will be debuting a new digital magazine downloading service later this month (called Zinio), where you can see full versions of some of your favorite magazines (pictures and all) and download copies to compatible computers/tables/phones to read when you’re not on the internet.  Most of the magazines are monthly (except for magazines like Newsweek that continue to flaunt their timeliness right in the title).

And a year, well, that just makes you sorry for the other years.

Decade is confusing, especially if you don’t start it right at the beginning of a 2000 or 2010. 

And century, that sounds presumptuous (but good).

In the end we might have to go with every day is library day (and if we do that seven days in a row, I guess we’re back to National Library week).

Enjoy the week.


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