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Quick Flicks aren’t just for Kids

February 27, 2013

We know that you love movies in Rochester – we have well over 7000 DVDs in our collection.  And if you’ve ever looked at a new release DVD in the catalog, you know that you’re probably not the only one that’s interested in it (most popular new release DVDs have looooong waiting lists).  However, we have a possible remedy in the form of “Quick Flicks DVDs


Quick Flicks DVDs display in section “K” on first floor

What is a Quick Flicks DVD?  It’s a new DVD that only checks out for 2-days and that cannot be placed on hold.  Now while the time limits and not being able to put them on hold sounds bad, it’s actually good.  It means that we always have some new DVDs available for you to check out every time you visit the library.

Everyone is limited to two Quick Flick DVDs per library card at a time (and the overdue fees are $1.00/day), but it sure beats waiting for several weeks (okay, months) for new releases.

Stop over in the Fiction area and look for the DVDs in section “K” with the “Flaming” logo on the spine to see which Quick Flicks are avaiable for you to check out today.


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