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In Through the App Door

February 15, 2013

blank_ipadWhile the ancient libraries full of immaculately transcribed hand-written scrolls probably did not have access to a very interesting assortment of apps for their primitive wooden smart phones (okay, “sundial” was about the only one, and it didn’t work well at night), in the year 2013 we do have quite a few ways to access digital library materials while sitting outside in your getting sand in your sandals.

BookMyne (we don’t name them, we just provide them), allows you to access your library account online, search tImagehe catalog and place holds from your smartphone.  It even give you some book recommendations.  It makes it easy to see if the library owns that book you just heard about on the radio or read about in the newspaper without having to turn on your computer.

If you’re traveling overseas and Imagewant to learn a language on the plane (or let’s be honest, learn some words once you’ve arrived having put off getting a language guide before you go on the plane), we’ve got you covered with the Mango Language app (again, we don’t name these things).  Mango allows you to learn over 24 different languages through its app.

ImageAnd let’s talk about eBooks.  The Overdive (again, not the namers) app allows you to download both eBooks (to read) and eAudioBooks (to listen to) directly onto your device.  While reading a book on your phone may not be your first choice, it’s really handy to have something good to read when your 10 minute wait for the doctor turns into a 60 minute wait-fest.  And if you didn’t plan ahead you can check it out right there among the out-of-date semi-non-interesting magazines splayed out all over the place.

More apps are on the way as libraries are converting many of their existing scroll collections to digital formats.

Check out our apps page for a sampling of the apps we have available for smart phones, eReaders and tablets*

*Most library apps will not be compatible with ancient stone tablets except eBooks you are willing to etch yourself (without violating copyright – Good luck!)

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