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About that Super Bowl Library Ad

February 6, 2013

Contrary to what television ads may have you believe, there are rarely any library patrons arguing about Oreo cookies (in harsh, but “shhhhh-ed” tones) at the Rochester Public Library.

The ad accurately reflects just how much libraries are considered the home of serious debate and argument, being a non-partisan establishment that welcomes all flavors of opinion. Even Hydrox are welcome.

If you haven’t seen the ad in question, take a quick gander at this video via our friends at YouTube (the library is, of course, not necessarily endorsing the delicious cookie product being advertised).

While we don’t often take up serious gastronomic arguments in our Rochester Issues Forum, this could be a serious chance to decide the issue once and for all. 

Except for the fact that is so obvious that it is a combination of the white “stuff” and the chocolate cookie that make it work – to take one away from the other is to obliterate what made the [insert unendorsed brand of cookie name here] special in the first place.

There may be some room for debate there as long as the noise level is kept at an acceptable level.


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