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Wit Wisdom (and no) Wine

January 18, 2013

The truth is that I don’t like wine, but I went anyway.

I had just moved to Rochester from the Twin Cities and had only been working part time at the Rochester Public Library when we had the first Annual Wit Wisdom and Wine (WWW) event in 2002 and I had volunteered to help set it up. 

As this was the first time, we didn’t quite know what we were doing (which is totally not the case now – rest assured!)  We pulled out internet cables and moved computers wherever we needed to in order to make room for the speakers, food, and, oh, the wine.  Only after the event was over did we realize/discover how much difficulty there would be putting everything back.  The “it is so way past midnight and we have to get this back the way it was before we open tomorrow“ kind of difficulty.  And a call to the Computer Center might still have been made the next day soon after we opened.

But it was a crazy, fun event.  Not often do I go to an event and don’t get a chance to talk to everyone I want to for as long as I want to, but I never seem to have enough time at WWW (which may be why I keep coming back).  A cavalcade of people showed up, ate delicious food provided by Daube’s and had a great time drinking and talking loudly in the library with a temporary “no shushing” guarantee.  And the library raised some money – which seemed beside the point, but actually was the point of the whole thing.  And it continues.

Over the years, I have been able to attend most of the WWW events – some highlights include Tim Penny (who seems like he’s probably too smart to run for political office again – which is our loss, but WWW’s gain), Steve Lange’s “Secrets of the City”, Chad Isrealson’s history of Rock and Roll, and pretty much anything having to deal with making food (you had me at “Chef”).  I might still a little sore that I was outbid on the basket of gangster movie DVDs, but I’m not holding any grudges that my offer was, in fact, refused.

Now I’m a full-time reference librarian in Rochester and I’m going to be a co-presenter at this year’s Wit Wisdom and Wine (coming full circle alert!)

Although I still don’t like wine, I’m going to start and continue, but probably not finish those conversations.

Hope you can join us at this year’s event. 

Free free to post your favorite WWW memories below

Brian Lind

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