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Five Really Cool Bookmobiles

August 30, 2012

5. The Tank Bookmobile: This transformed military vehicle brings “peace through literature” to the communities of Buenos Aires and surrounding areas.

Tank BookmobileA weapon of Mass Instruction!

4. The Camel Bookmobile: This is the Camel Bookmobile in Kenya, that Masha Hamilton introduced us to when she was here for Rochester Reads 2010.

3. The Elephant library!

The people who live in the remote areas of Laos get their library books from the Elephant Mobile Library.

2. The Bilioburro!

1. The Rochester Public Library Bookmobile!
The new Rochester Public Library BookmobileOk, so we don’t have cute animals carrying our books around Olmsted County but you have to admit, our bookmobile is still pretty cool all the same. Our bookmobile regularly carries adult and children’s books, audiobooks, magazines and DVDs. It has the highest circulation of any bookmobile in the state of Minnesota; in addition to visiting neighborhoods and schools within the city limits, it also makes weekly stops in Byron, Oronoco and other locations in Olmsted county.

Don’t forget about our an open house to celebrate the new bookmobile on Monday, September 17!

Are you coming? Facebook it!

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