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Discover the Art of Letterboxing!

August 24, 2012

Letterboxing is a hobby that will exercise your treasure hunting and artistic abilities. This fun and exciting activity can be enjoyed by the whole family. Letterboxes are hidden all over the world and each one contains a unique stamp. The basic idea is to find letterboxes and collect stamps in your personal journal and leave your personal stamp in each letterbox’s visitor book.

We have several letterboxes hidden in Children’s Services at Rochester Public Library. Most of our boxes contain beautiful hand carved stamps and if you aren’t careful you might learn something about how to find books in the library while you solve the clues. Our trail name is RochPubLibrary and you can find our clues on AtlasQuest or Letterboxing North America. You can also ask at the information desk in Children’s Services for a binder of the clues.

Want to get started with letterboxing, but aren’t sure how? Bring your family to the Discover the Art of Letterboxing program on Thursday, August 30th @ 1pm to learn all that you need to know, create a trail name, make a stamp and a journal and get started. Happy letterboxing!

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