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Online Homework Help – Discontinued

August 23, 2012
The Rochester Public Library has provided access to online tutors since September 2008. The service has been primarily funded with private dollars. Over the years we have worked to find a sustainable funding model, but we have had challenges.
Private dollars are difficult to find for ongoing operating costs of programs. The current economic situation made it difficult to find new operating dollars in the library budget as well as in possible partner organizations.
While the program was a successful endeavor, the success was also part of the downfall as our usage drove continual cost increases. Most programs gain efficiencies as usage increases, but because increased usage means more tutor time, the costs outpaced our ability to fund it.
We looked at other options such as shortened hours, longer wait times, and other ways to throttle demand, but we were not able to find a solution that met needs within our ability to fund.
The Rochester Public Library will continue to host a Homework Assistance program at the library in Meeting Room B on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 pm – 8:45 pm during the school year. Community volunteers provide homework assistance to any student who attends. All ages are welcome.
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