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Database spotlight – ReferenceUSA

August 13, 2012

The library has a vast collection of online databases that can help you search virtually tons of information such as how to adjust the brakes on your 1954 Volkswagen Beetle, which riding lawnmower, digital camera, or toaster oven has the highest ratings, and even the name of the ship your great-grandfather came in to America on.

ReferenceUSA logoReferenceUSA is a database that focuses on business and consumer information. It lists 14 million US businesses, 1.5 million Canadian businesses, 855,000 US physicians and Dentists, and 89 million residents in it’s White Pages section. Just for your information, there are 16,129 McDonalds in the United States, according to ReferenceUSA – that’s a lot of happy meals!

People who would find this information valuable are:

  • Job seekers: When you look up a company, you can see what types of jobs are available in that type of business. For example, when you look up Rochester Public Library (MN) you can see that there is a Library Media Specialist position open in Rochester Schools.
  • Entrepreneurs and Businesses: People looking to start up a new business or those already in business for a while can look up their own business and find others that may be competition for them. They can see how many employees each business has, when they were established, even pinpoint them on a map.
  • Anyone seeking reliable, up-to-date business and consumer data: This database would be a great resource for people who may be taking business classes. The Whitepages section of the database is creepily accurate too. I searched my name and it brought up my address (not my phone number), had a map to it, and even listed my neighbors.

If you’re interested in finding out more about ReferenceUSA, there is a class at the library on:
Wednesday, August 22
from 10-11am
in Meeting Room B
The class is free and open to the public; however, space is limited. You may register online, at the second-floor reference desk or by calling 507.328.2309.

Brenna Smeall, a representative of ReferenceUSA will be here to show us tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our searches.

Are you coming? Facebook it!

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