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When the tornado whistle blows…

June 10, 2012

It is tornado season in Minnesota and in order to be prepared, Library staff hold tornado drills every spring.

Every year it seems we have a chance to put our knowledge into practice. When the city’s tornado whistle blows library staff  make an announcement via the overhead speaker system. Patrons and library staff alike, are expected to go to the auditorium and have a seat to wait for the all clear. Staff will fire up the laptop and projector in the auditorium and stream our local weather station for news during these events. Sometimes we will bring in coloring books and crayons to help pass the time for the over-excited children (and adults, one is never too old for a good coloring book).

Patrons do have the option to leave the building if they wish; however, if they stay, they need to go to auditorium. The skyway and library lobby are not safe places to be during high winds since there is so much glass surrounding the area. There will not be any library transactions taking place during a tornado or bad weather situation.

For more information about tornadoes and what to do to protect yourself and your family, check out the Weather Channel or the National Weather Service.

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