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Thank you, Volunteers!

May 23, 2012

Our Volunteers are the best in the world and I can’t say this often enough, THANK YOU!

Without the support of so many fantastic volunteers, your library wouldn’t be as great as it is. In 2011, a group of 378 volunteers came in and gave a total of 18,166 hours of their time to help the library.

Two boys playing piano, one boy playing the cello and one playing the violin

The Belicoso Ensemble

On May 8th, library staff hosted a recognition celebration to honor all of the volunteers. Music was provided by the Belicoso Ensemble (five brilliant young musicians who volunteered to perform for the event) and  refreshments were provided by Dunn Bros.

The RPL players from Two Blocks off Broadway  performed an original play with an all-star cast: Caesar, Hamlet, Romeo, Juliet, Long John Silver, Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, and Mary Poppins made appearances, as well as our volunteer coordinators, Marilyn Campbell (as herself) and Gail Harris (who was played by Rogene Watson). The Library Director, Audrey Betcher, and Board President, Diane Moench, gave heartfelt thanks for all the support our volunteers give us.

We truly are  privileged that you have chosen to give your time to our Library and once again, thank you to all our volunteers for everything you do for us!!!

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