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Calling all local artists!

April 18, 2012

The Rochester Public Library is in the process of getting a new bookmobile and we need your help.

The bookmobile needs to look awesome. We have a general concept in mind that we want to see on it, but we need an artist to help us in creating the art for it.

Here are the criteria we need for this project:

  • The design must contain illustrations of people (no photos) who represent our diverse community.
  • The people must be reading and/or interacting with each other in a library setting
  • The design must have bookshelves incorporated in the design but they are not the main focus.
  • The design must be transferred into digital format (the final work must be a vector image)
  • The design will be covering the entire bookmobile which will be approximately the size of a semi-truck and trailer. (Exact dimensions will be available.)

If you are interested in helping us with designing the art for the new bookmobile, submit a sample of your work and a bid for consideration by Friday, April 20.

For more information, please contact Ginny at:

phone: 507-328-2340
Comment on facebook:
Wordpress: just comment to this post
Twitter: RochPubLibrary

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