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Bed Bugs by Ben H. Winters – Book Review

September 13, 2011
Book review by Ginny Erbe, Library staff

Bed Bugs by Ben H. WintersSusan, her husband, Alex, and their daughter, Emma, move into their dream home. Susan believes that this perfect house will be the inspiration she needs to pursue her artistic aspirations. Feeling slightly guilty that she gets to stay home while her husband has to work outside of the house everyday, she begins to get paranoid.

Does her husband blame her for having to work so hard?

Is he having an affair?

Do they have bedbugs?

Bedbugs become an obsession for Susan as her thoughts become more unstable and delusional. Everyone tries to convince Susan that the bedbugs aren’t real and that she is just imagining them. Susan knows better; she knows these are not ordinary bedbugs and she knows what she must do to break their curse, even if it means murder.

Bedbugs is a horrific, suspenseful tale of mind-bending awesomeness. I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes spine-tingling, white-knuckle reads.

It seems like such a great apartment, until…

They’re everywhere!

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