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Author and Artist Showcase

September 12, 2011

The Library isn’t the only place to find authors! Check out this line-up!

Saturday, September 24 10:00 – 3:00 pm
Rochester Family “Y,” 709 1st Ave SW, Rochester, MN

Book signing & sales by local authors:
Elsie Dunn, Divine Rhubarb Committee, Helen Chen, Joan Sween, Ann Schultz, Tom Harper, Mike Kalmback, David Fingerman, Jen Brewer, Pam Miller,Kit Rohrbach

Paint, pottery,stitchery & photography for sale and show by local artists:
Brenda Kline, Leisa Luis Grill, Mary Lou Devlin, Loretta Verbout, Andrew Neville, Deb Zipse

11:30 &1:00
of humorous essay: What I Learned From My Kids” by Debi Neville

Seminar: 10:30-Noon: “Over the Transom” What’s the best way for freelance writers to approach editors? Join editors Ellie Miller Starks (Rochester Women Magazine) and Jim Tarbox (The History Channel Magazine) for a discussion about how they deal with unsolicited manuscripts, networking and a variety of other concerns to writers. Sponsored by: Minnesota Magazine & Publishers Association

Seminar: 1:30-2:30 “Through the Camera’s Eye”
Presented by Andrew Neville, photography instructor and professional photographer for over 30 years.  Learn a bit about the creative side of photography including framing the picture, focus, light and choice of subject. Learn how to integrate with writing too!

Any questions? Comments? Smart Remarks?

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