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The Mural in the Library Skyway

August 9, 2011

Greg Preslicka painting the mural in the skywayIf you haven’t seen the mural being painted in the library skyway, take some time and look at it, it’s well worth your time; it’s so colorful and vibrant! If you cant’ get there in person, I’ve posted a few photos on our Flickr account. More will be posted when the mural is finished.

This mural represents the flowing and intermingling of our community’s diversity through celebration. Celebrations create an open invitation to share life experience.  In celebration we are reminded that our lives and cultures flow together and create the richness of our community.

The mural is being painted by Greg Preslicka who also painted the mural in our children’s area. He has worked on other libraries as well. Check out his website!

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  1. Ganga permalink
    August 9, 2011 3:20 pm

    Beautiful mural paintings….We were watching the pictures shape life as Greg was painting yesterday….awesome.

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