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A good plot-twisting read!

June 7, 2011

written by Ginny Erbe, Communications, Rochester Public Library

The Girl in the GardenIt was a privilege to read an advance copy of The Girl in the Garden and to meet the author, Kamala Nair, in person. Working in the Communications division of the library does have its perks. I met with Kamala in order to take some photos and to do some video interviews to help promote her debut novel which will be available on June 15th. She’s going to be at Barnes & Noble – Apache Mall on Friday, June 17th and at the Rochester Public Library on Thursday, July 28th. Watch the library’s YouTube channel for the series of interviews that will be posted throughout the month.

The first chapter of The Girl in the Garden pulled me right in; a mystery was afoot and I needed to know what it was all about. Rakhee, the main character, has decided that she cannot get married until she settles some issues from her past. The rest of the book is the explanation to her fiance of why she needs to go back to India… Eleven-year-old Rakhee accompanies her mother to spend a summer in India with her mother’s family. Throughout the summer Rakhee realizes that the family has a lot of secrets to unravel and mysteries to solve. When the summer ends, things don’t work out the way Rakhee planned or hoped they would and she goes back to America, burying the secrets once again. These secrets are what she has to uncover once and for all before she feels she can, in good conscience, move on with her life.

Kamala’s descriptive writing style gives the reader a full sense of the colors, smells, and sounds of India; it makes me want to visit so I can experience it for myself. It was a good, plot-twisting read.

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