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The Christy Family’s library story

May 5, 2011
The Nick Cristy family at the library

Nick, Heather, Tess and Jack Christy visiting the library

Heather, Nick, Tess and Jack Christy visited the library after commenting about the library on face book. The comment referenced the fact that it is easy to find books in the Children’s area owing to the way books are displayed rather than having to know, use, and understand the Dewey Decimal System, particularly when you are 4 ½ and 3 years old.
The family moved to Rochester three years ago from downtown New York City, East 33 St. and 2nd Ave. Nick worked at IBM. Jack was a year and a half, Heather was pregnant with Tess and a small one-bedroom was not working.
Nick was able to transfer to IBM in Rochester. One of their priorities was to visit the library and get cards; they actually got library cards before they got a phone. They had been frequent visitors to their neighborhood branch library in New York although had not used the main library. They were regulars at the story times in the branch library that was similar to a house, small in size but three stories. The room that the Storytime was held in had sliding doors that could be closed. They used interlibrary loans quite often and are favorably impressed with ILLs here in Rochester. They also feel that we have great collections overall and particularly like the music available and the graphic novels.
They were very pleased when the library brought Charles Baxter (The Soul Thief) to visit as he was a favorite author. They felt bad that only a dozen or so people were in attendance owing to a scheduling conflict with a Viking/Packers game, but were happy they got quality time with the author.
Jack has read everything in the library and the state system about high speed trains and is ready to move to Japan so that he can ride the bullet train. He is also a huge fan of dinosaurs and is beginning to delve into Space; he was checking out our Space Storytime kit.
Tess’s favorite at the moment is Madeline, especially Madeline’s Rescue and Madeline the Bad. Another favorite is Leonardo the Terrible Monster by Mo Willems (Knuffle Bunny). She was dressed in her ballerina outfit and doing plie’s for the camera.
Overall, they have enjoyed living in Rochester although they are headed back to the East coast for a visit, soon. The entire family enjoys the library.

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