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Handle DVDs with care

May 2, 2011

From the suggestion box:  I suggest you place handling instructions in DVD cases to remind people how to handle discs.  Too many of your greatest DVD’s have been destroyed by mishandling and are irreplaceable due to being out of print.  An avid movie watcher.

Library Response:  Thank you for your interest in the library’s DVD collection.  Alas, you are correct, DVDs are a fragile medium and they do require users to take care to avoid scratching them.   Our DVD collection is very heavily used by a wide range of people.

We used to put care labels on the library’s VHS titles.  The labels are expensive to produce given the size of our collection, and based on the use of that collection, it didn’t appear that the care labels had an impact.  We discontinued that practice several years ago when it was determined to not be cost effective.

If you encounter a damaged disc, please make a note of it for staff when returning it.  The library does have a polishing machine and we do provide maintenance on our CD and DVD collections to extend their usefulness.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Kimberly Edson

Head of Readers Services

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