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New Self-check machines

April 25, 2011

Previously I mentioned the trial of moving the self-check machines.  The trial is complete and successful, and we will be making the changes permanent.

A keystone in the change is our ability to add more self-check units because of the generosity of the Friends.  More self-check units make it more convenient for patrons to check out materials themselves.  Patrons like being able to check out materials quickly to be on their way.  There are often lines for the self-check units now.  When the change is complete, there will be five new self-check units.  (There are three units now.)

The new self-checks not only provide for two more stations for people to check out materials, but every unit also has more features than the old self-check unit.

  • People will have the ability to pay fines and fees with a credit card at the self-check unit.  Each unit will have a credit card swipe.
  • The new units are smaller than the current self-check machines.  The new units are eleven inches narrower!
  • The units are touch screen.
  • The units support multiple languages.
  • You can see all your account information (and even print it or email it) right from the self-check.
  • Receipts will be optional.

Some of the changes to the lobby and adjacent space that you will see:

  • The large desk where the self-checks used to be will be removed.  The terrazzo floor under the desk will be repaired.
  • A permanent table will replace the banquet tables where the self-check are currently. (The table will accommodate one handicapped accessible self-check unit.)
  • The Fiction, Movies, and Music desk will get smaller and shift slightly.
  • The hold pick-up location will stay where it currently is.  It is 26 feet longer than in the old location. Permanent shelving will replace the temporary shelving.
  • Although the location of the library catalog computers is shifting, the number of computers for searching the library’s holdings remains the same.

All the changes are being made to serve the community better.  None of this would have happened without your generosity!

Changes will begin April 25th and will be complete mid-May.

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