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Why we do what we do…

April 15, 2011
Judy and Jim Sloan with the Bard Goose

After I retired from IBM, I started a software company that has done well. My wife and I were able to start the Judy and Jim Sloan Foundation to help make donations to various organizations. We have no specific focus for our Foundation, but generally support the arts, education, and people in need.

Having a Foundation has been an eye opening experience to the number and quality of the organizations that need help. The list is endless and we only wish we had more to give. It has been our privilege to know many of the people who run these organizations and we are always impressed with their dedication and sincerity.

The Rochester Library is a favorite of ours in that they can and do assist people who have a passion for learning. Learning should be a life long goal and the more you know, the more you can know. In addition, the library is an outstanding resource for people that enjoy the opportunity to read for pleasure, listen to CDs, watch videos, etc.

We have been very fortunate in life to have received many blessings and have had a chance to help many organizations.  It is both gratifying and humbling to be able to do so.
In short, we give because we can, and we think that if you can, you should. ~ Jim Sloan.

Items that have been bought with funds donated by the Judy and Jim Sloan Foundation are:

  • A new globe in the second-floor reference area
  • A 42” plasma flat panel display that has been installed above the book drop next to the public service desk. This display is used to announce our library events and other information.
  • The Bard Goose (shown on the front page) and the Amazing Bench, both of which were street art projects lead by the AARTS Council.
  • Library materials such as Storytime Kits, books and DVDs
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