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The Power of the Card

March 25, 2011
Garrett and Nemo (the fish)

Garrett and Nemo (the fish)

It is amazing what receiving a library card, with your very own name on it, can do. Garrett received a library card recently thanks to collaborative work between the school district and the library.
Garrett’s mother Michelle had been read to as a child and loves to read. She tried to read to Garrett but he didn’t seem to like being read to, she took him to bookstores, tried picture books, and read around him at home. Then the library card showed up and he wanted to come to the library and try out his new card. Who knew that besides books that there were movies, DVDs and Wii games and a fish tank with Nemo? He left with Batman after our visit.
One of the things he likes best about the library is that when he asks the librarians questions, they treat him and respond to him as an adult not a little kid. He has learned to put books on hold from home and after reading the book, Hatchet by Gary Paulson found that we had a movie A Cry in the Wild that was made about the book.
Garrett’s mom says that it seems that they either run into someone they know every time they visit or learn something new. She finds the Children’s area and the whole library friendly and safe. Garrett wanders to different areas and comes back with books and questions and she doesn’t worry. In fact she says, “He has a blast.”
Receiving the library card with his name on it has been the catalyst that has gotten him to read and because of it they are both very happy. 

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