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The Children’s Area

February 28, 2011
Carrie and Lily

Lily and her mother, Carrie, visiting the library

Facebook has become, this past year, a new and exciting way to reach users of the library and receive feedback on what they think about the library.
The library added more youth-friendly seating, chairs, rugs, rocking seats. It redesigned the computer tables. Games for young children were placed at the ends of the book stacks, and a sand table was added.Lily and her mother, Carrie posted some comments on the library’s facebook page after seeing photos of the new items in the Children’s area. Lily was very complimentary of the new additions.
Lily comes to the library at least once a week checking out mystery books. She is also into the American Girl books. Lily said that she had hoped to get a Samantha, American Girl, doll but they were discontinued before she got one. The library has a number of American Girl stories on CDs so they can be listened to as well as read.
Lily’s favorite books are mysteries. Her grandmother gave Lily the Nancy Drew books on which she grew up and Lily got hooked. Since then, Lily has picked up a collection of her own Nancy Drew books, as well as the American Girl mystery series.
She and a group of her friends are in Girl Scouts and went to a six-day camp called Singing Hills near Austin. She  spent the week in cabins with her friends and got in at least a little reading time while she was there.  She used her points from cookie sales to go to the House of Bounce and enjoyed the new Bungee Jump.
Lily enjoys the library, really likes the redesigned Children’s areas, and her favorite books in the whole library are the Nancy Drew books.


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