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Wit, Wisdom & Wine 2011 – Speaker List

January 6, 2011

inviteIt’s less than two weeks until our 10th Annual Wit, Wisdom and Wine gala fund-raiser!

Listen to speakers, mingle with other library-loving peers, bid on silent auction items, and of course, sample the wine!

We have a great line up of speakers this year.

  • Tim Penny will be talking about political change and if it will change the way we are governed or simply lead to gridlock.
  • Paul Anton, Chief Economist will be discussing the recent past and our economic prospects going forward.
  • Michael Culloton will lead you on a journey through several choral works and highlight examples of word and mood painting that connects the text to the music, telling a story as only Brahms, Mendelssohn, and Schumann can.
  • Barry McKnight examines the nature of piracy, past and present, exploding some myths and shedding new light on its significance in our culture and world.
  • Mike Cords will discuss the 100 point wine scale and sample six unique wines that have scored well and put our “amateur” palates up against the pros.
  • Kevin Dobbe will cover some of the new tools being implemented by artists of the 21st Century.
  • Dr. Edward R. Laskowski will discuss the scope of our nation’s obesity epidemic, current data regarding the impact of obesity on health and longevity, and ways in which we can combat this epidemic personally as well as collectively.
  • Steve Lange will reveal some of Rochester’s secrets such as downtown’s invisible cemetery, the best park that you would never find on your own, etc.
  • Dr. Edward T. Creagan will share insider’s secrets to achieve health and well being. He will emphasize some practical, user-friendly, and very sensible approaches that we can start to use immediately to maximize health and wellness.
  • Lisa Clarke and John Wade discuss the partnership between Mayo Clinic, civic and business organizations and community groups to make Rochester a better place to work, live adn get health care. Their goal is to create a more authentic community experience for visitors, to attract businesses to Rochester, and to retain Rochester’s talent.
  • Chef Anthony Pester and Randall Kahn, General Manager from Pescara will discuss tuna, its behavior in the wild and how this impacts the market and your dinner.

The evening wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors: Bridgestreet Worldwide/Broadway Residences and Think Mutual Bank.

Other sponsors include: Andy’s Liquor, Associated Bank, David and Lois Marris of Keller Williams Realty, Davies Printing, DoubleTree Hotel, Daube’s Cakes and Bakery, Hight & Randall, Ltd, Personal Jeweler, League of Women Voters – Rochester, Barbara and Phil Henoch, Lasker Jewelers, Nigon Woodworks, US Bank, and Windsor Financial.

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