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Book Group in-a-bag kits

December 16, 2010

You just finished reading the most amazing book you’ve ever read and you’re just dying to talk to someone about it but none of your friends have read it yet. So you loan your book out to your friends, but it’s taking forever for them to read it. Being the good friend you are, you don’t want to spoil it for them by telling them the ending too soon, so you wait—and wait some more—until you finally have someone to discus the book with. By that time you may have forgotten all the details you wanted to talk about, leaving the much anticipated discussion unsatisfactory. What’s a person to do?

The library has a solution: Book Group in-a-bag kits—just add readers!

These book group in-a-bag kits contain ten books of the same title that someone can check out and share with their friends. Currently we have around 90 titles to choose from: classics, mysteries, thrillers, etc. They can be reserved up to a year in advance for a specific six-week period. They are in high demand so plan accordingly.  We recently added some titles for children to enjoy the experience of book groups. The kits for children have between six and eight books per bag and currently there are eleven titles available.

The kits were originally part of an initiative funded by the Minnesota Library Association Foundation in 2004. We had a grant of $2000 to start our collection of book club kits that people can check out for their own book groups. The majority of that money was used to purchase the book group bags, since we initially selected titles based on which books we were able to pull from donations. Even now we still create some kits using donated books. But if there is enough local interest in titles that we don’t have, we do purchase books as well. Every year we add 10-20 new titles and circulation for these kits have really increased through the years.

The title list is available online. If you have any suggestions of titles you would like to see in our book group in-a-bag list, just let us know. 


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