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Quiet in the Library

December 10, 2010

Suggestion:   Please take steps to stop the incessant talking out loud by the library patrons!  This is a constant distraction but it’s not as bad as the cell phone use in the library, why doesn’t someone do something about this problem?

Library Response: The Rochester Public Library is a very busy library.  With over 550,000 people walking in our doors annually, it is not realistic to have a stereotypical pin-drop quiet library.  Students are often working on group projects together, and some level of communications is required to get studying done.

As far as cell phones go, staff will allow short, quiet calls.  Other disruptions because of cell phones are not allowed.

Here are my suggestions:

  • Use the quiet study room.  This is a room on the second floor where we strictly enforce quiet.
  • Find a different quiet study space.  Generally the carrels in the northeast corner of the second floor are a quiet place to read and study.
  • Let staff know if others around you are too noisy (with or without cell phones).  Staff can’t be everywhere, so we appreciate your help when you let us know there is a problem.

Audrey Betcher, Director

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