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What’s @ the Library?

November 18, 2010


The library has books. Huh, well, that’s kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it?

The first floor of the library is where you can lose yourself in fiction. It’s where you can take a little vacation from reality and time-travel to the past or the future, explore different countries and other worlds, meet the most fascinating people and see the strangest creatures.

The Children’s section has books for ages zero to about 13 or so, but even adults can enjoy the beautiful illustrations and stories that are found in these books. Some non-fiction books are also found in the children’s section to help with elementary school research projects, science fair ideas, and who doesn’t like dinosaurs?

The Young Adult (YA) area is located way at the other end of the library. This area is loaded with graphic novels, mangas, popular series titles, and a lot more that appeals to teenagers. Even as an adult, I can find a lot of good reads in this section.

Between the Children’s area and the YA area is our general fiction collection where a person can find books from every genre: mysteries, romance, horror, suspense, science fiction, fantasy, Christian, comedy, drama, westerns, historical, etc. Also in this are is a collection of large print books for those whose arms aren’t long enough anymore. You know who you are.

The new fiction can be found in our display areas in the lobby or on the ends of the fiction stacks. Rental books are also available for those who can’t wait to get your hands on your favorite author’s latest book.

The non-fiction books, located upstairs, are where you’ll find books about every conceivable subject from Auto repair to Zoology, or if you know Dewey, we have everything from 000 -999. With these books you can learn what makes people tick by reading their autobiographies, identify that mysterious plant that started growing up the side of your house last summer, and even get suggestions for naming your baby. We also have foreign language books representing 23 different languages, for those who don’t or can’t read English. If you know of someone who matches this description, let them know that we have books for them too! These are also helpful for English readers learning to read a different language.

If you don’t like to borrow books because you just can’t bear to part with them once you have them, you can purchase books from the Friends of the Library Bookstore. There are new books that get put out everyday so come often to find your favorites. All of the books in the bookstore are donated from generous community members who probably don’t know how much we really do appreciate their support.

If you can’t find a book to read, you can take advantage of our Readers’ Advisory service at the Fiction Movies and Music desk. They’ll help you find a ‘read-alike’ for your favorite author, introduce you to new authors in your favorite genre, or suggest new genres for you to explore.

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